Agnes Kasper

Dr Agnes Kasper BA MA PhD is a Lecturer of Law and Technology at the Tallinn University of Tallinn, Department of Law. She has been teaching cybersecurity and law, legal aspects of cybersecurity and digital evidence to law students, as well as to IT students in the cybersecurity program at TalTech since 2012. Dr Kasper holds diplomas in international business, law and management. In 2015 the Estonian Ministry of Defence awarded Dr Kasper with the first prize for her doctoral thesis „Multi-Level Analytical Frameworks for Supporting Cyber Security Legal Decision Making“. She has received additional formal trainings on technical aspects of cybersecurity and digital evidence. Dr Kasper served at embassies, human rights organizations and she was leading the legal department in an IT consultancy and development company. She has also acted in advisory capacity in consultations with governments on issues relating to cybersecurity. Her research focuses on regulatory aspects of cybersecurity and cyberdiplomacy, in particular she is interested in emerging technologies. She is a frequent speaker in events, seminars, conferences focusing on aspects of law, technology and security.

Institution: Tallinn University of Technology

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